About the Center

Michigan Engineering prioritizes building and promoting a diverse learning environment. We believe the diversity of the student body at Michigan Engineering enhances the intellectual experience for all students and creates a vibrant atmosphere for learning. In fact, one of the College of Engineering’s core values is diversity, equity and social impact – The best mix of talent achieves the greatest outcomes. People with different skills, backgrounds, identities and perspectives are necessary for us to realize our vision. Opportunities are created for all, and where barriers exist, we close the gaps. Every member of our community gets to be heard, should be involved and must be empowered to achieve their full potential. We serve the common good.

Our mission at the Center for Engineering Diversity and Outreach is to provide expertise, leadership, and programming that supports the College’s focus on equity-centered engineering. We believe that an excellent educational experience is intrinsically linked to fostering a climate that celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion for students, faculty, and staff.

CEDO has three objectives: access, achievement, and inclusion


K-12 Engineering OnRamp

Engineering OnRamp (EO) offers a collection of K-12 programs that supports students and strengthens the pipeline for a diverse CoE student body. We strive to provide greater educational opportunities for young people including individuals from educational, cultural, geographic, or socioeconomic backgrounds considered to be underrepresented in engineering.


College & Beyond

Develop initiatives and programs designed to help Michigan Engineering students excel academically, culturally, personally and professionally. These programs, such as our ScholarPOWER and NextProf initiatives, seek to ensure the success of well-qualified College of Engineering students whose prior preparation may not have provided all the opportunities and skills needed for a successful engineering college experience.


An Inclusive Campus

Promote and steward multicultural engagement throughout the College and foster a sense of belonging for every individual.

We are able to offer our programming in part thanks to partnerships with various Michigan Engineering departments, non-profit organizations, and industry partners.