DEI Student Advisory Board

The College of Engineering’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Student Advisory Board is composed of a group of excited and engaged undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of backgrounds, departments, and class years. Championed by Lyonel Milton at the Center for Engineering Diversity & Outreach and Jeanne Murabito at the Office of Student Affairs, it is coordinated by Blaire Tinker, Program Manager for Student Support & Development. The SAB was designed to gather student feedback on the College’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategic Plan and develop ideas that will make the College of Engineering a more inclusive place for all students to live, learn, and grow.

Now Accepting Applications for the 2021-22 Academic Year

Applications Due September 10, 2021

The SAB welcomes input from the Engineering community. If you have any questions, concerns, stories, or praise related to diversity, equity, or inclusion in the Engineering community, please feel free to either email or fill out this anonymous Google Form.

Muhammad Abdullah

PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering

“I joined to be actively taking part and providing my insight and suggestions in developing policies and designing programs related to DEI.”

Tiwalola Akin-Bello

3rd Year Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering

“I joined because I want to be part of the process that actively works on diversity, equity and inclusion rather than just encouraging it. I want to give my input on what we, as a university, can do better for everyone and to bring ideas to the CoE community that everyone feels included and heard.”

Peter Barr

Master’s Student, Climate & Space Sciences & Engineering

“I joined the DEI board because I want to do my part to help shape a healthy learning environment for all students at the University of Michigan.”

Marlina Bowring

4th Year Undergraduate, Computer Science

“I have faced discouraging comments in the past and while I am comfortable brushing comments like that aside, I don’t think this is something that anyone should have to deal with. People should be encouraged to pursue their interests, regardless of their background.”

Katherine Dowdell

5th Year PhD+, Environmental Engineering

“I have really enjoyed working in our informal CEE DEI group and would like to transition to working in a more formal capacity to make UM a safer, more equitable place. I want to support students from diverse backgrounds and do the work that is needed to promote inclusivity. I think this is especially important in CoE, which seems to be lagging behind other colleges in making these kinds of changes.”

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Maria Fields

2nd Year Undergraduate, Industrial & Operations Engineering

“The black community is often deprived of positive role models that promote intellectual breathe and exploration. I want to be one of those role models that other black children can connect with. I want to normalize being scientifically curious for black children. To me working with youth is important so they know it is possible to expand their horizons and they feel empowered to do so. I want them to know if I can do it, you can do it too. After all, as written by Maya Angelou, “together we rise.””

Sergio Goodwin

5th Year Undergraduate, Computer Science

“I want to bring fresh ideas for populations that may feel unheard as well as be on the forefront of change at the College of Engineering. Representation and inclusion matter and I know students feel that this is an area that can be improved.”

Jordon Horton

4th Year Undergraduate, Environmental Engineering

“I joined because being on the DEI SAB would allow me to have a much wider scope on campus geared toward DEI topics.”

Priya Kalra

1st Year Undergraduate, Undecided

“As a member of the Student Advisory Board, I look forward to dedicating my time to improving the student experience for my fellow peers in the College of Engineering so that no student has to experience the same discrimination that I did when pursuing engineering.”

Khue (Shay) Le

3rd Year Undergraduate, Computer Science

“As a POC, woman, and member of the LGBTQ+, I believe I have certain experiences that could shed light on previously underrepresented areas of STEM. I would love to be a part of the advisory board in order to help enact the changes that would make our community more inclusive to other diverse students.”

Shun Nagasaki

4th Year Undergraduate, Computer Science

“I feel the diversity in the College of Engineering here at the University of Michigan from the people I meet and see throughout the campus… I would love to contribute to establishing a more inclusive community so that everyone can be part of the class as well as get along with other students on campus.”

Ian Neal

PhD Student, Computer Science

“I think that providing students with the opportunity and resources to engage in STEM in an open and safe environment is incredibly important for building a diverse and inclusive engineering community.”

Caitlin Russell

3rd Year Undergraduate, Computer Science

“Engineering is about problem solving, and problems are easiest to solve when there are many people with different backgrounds and ways of approaching it working together to solve it. The best way to have engineers with different experiences working together is to ensure that students of different races, gender identities, and socioeconomic backgrounds are encouraged to pursue engineering and I would like to help make that happen.”

Vansh Sharma

PhD Student, Mechanical Engineering

“I feel there is still a lot of work required to be done to make sure minorities are given the respect they deserve and that recognition that it is good to be different and unique.”

Ahmad Shirazi

5th Year PhD+, Integrative Systems + Design

“I joined because I believe the DEI SAB will have a significant impact on a lot of students lives and I want a part of this movement.”

Charles Luther (Lute) Smith

1st Year Undergraduate, Environmental Engineering

“As someone who is passionate about water and environmental stewardship, I believe that we must not only work toward environmental justice, but also social justice recognizing that these two areas are deeply connected.”

Shereen Thomas

2nd Year Undergraduate, Undecided

“I have always been passionate about DEI and in the midst of all my online math, physics, and coding classes I feel like I’m losing the opportunity to use all my empathy and compassion for what I’m really passionate about which is striving for a more socially just and inclusive world for all people. I think being on the board can give me the opportunity to work for something really meaningful and would allow me to voice concerns on the behalf of those who are silenced.”

Meagan Tobias

2nd Year PhD, Civil Engineering

“I would like to become more engaged in the college of engineering itself. I want to help with promoting DEI throughout the campus and collaborating with students about how to improve our campus for all who go here and hearing other’s experiences. Having been here for undergrad and now grad school, I want to help make my school a better place for current and future students and making people feel comfortable at Michigan.”

Andreya Ware

4th Year Undergraduate, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

“I feel the College of Engineering is very diverse, which can be seen in the blend of different peoples throughout the college, but more can be done to make it more inclusive. I would like to help make it possible for everyone to feel included so we all thrive both in classes and in our social lives.”