Staff DEI and Culture Committee

Jorge Barreda Esparza

Research Engineer, EECS-LNF

I volunteer to be part of the group to learn more about how to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity; and to bring my experience as an added value.

Liz Fisher

Marketing and Communications Specialist, The Center for Healthcare Engineering and Patient Safety (CHEPS)

I’m excited about the opportunities DEIC provides for members of the U of M community to learn and grow in ways that will hopefully make our already excellent institution a more welcoming and comfortable place for all. It’s so much easier to learn, work, and build rewarding and productive relationships with colleagues and students when you are in an environment where everyone feels safe, understood, and respected.

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Bobby Kerns

Center Manager, Michigan Center of Materials Characterization

Thomas Knox

Manager of College Web Applications, CoE

Elizabeth Mekaru

Assistant Director, International Programs in Engineering

I am very proud to be a CoE staff member and am so happy for this opportunity to learn from and work collaboratively with other CoE staff members. I look forward to focusing on ways that we can better understand, support, and nurture each other as part of the staff community in CoE.

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Deborah Sue Mero

Senior Executive Director of Resource Planning and Management, CoE

Rose Moya

Project Manager, CoE Dean’s Initiatives

It is a great honor to be a part of such a relevant team at the college. I am excited to be a voice and ear for the staff so we can all learn to appreciate and leverage our differences to create an environment in which everyone feels valued and respected.

Christina L. Truskowski

HR Director, CoE

As the College HR Director, it is important to me that all faculty, staff and students feel welcome and have the same opportunities to succeed. As a human being who shares this planet with other human beings, I want to learn more about myself and how I can be a better “me”. Participating in DEI committees and activities affords me the opportunity to learn and grow so that I can do both!

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Heather Wagenschutz

CoE Organizational Development Specialist, CoE

Shira Janelle Washington

Recruitment Coordinator, Office of Recruitment and Admissions

I volunteered for the DEIC committee because I am interested in contributing to a positive workplace culture that is diverse and supportive of staff growth and development. Also, strategic planning was a strong area of focus during my graduate program and I am excited to work closely with a strategic plan that directly affects me.

Bakari Wooten

Facilities Coordinator, Resource Planning & Management

I volunteered to be a part of the DEI committee because, as a minority, I’m able to offer insight and educate others from my experience. In turn, I’d have the opportunity to learn information I didn’t know concerning other diverse individuals.