Climate Survey

Climate Survey Results | 2021

Climate Survey Background

In Fall 2021, the U-M Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (ODEI) worked with a third-party vendor, SoundRocket, to administer a confidential, campus-wide climate survey at the conclusion of U-M’s initial five-year DEI Strategic Plan. Reports were provided to the College of Engineering for Faculty (tenured and tenure-, research- and clinical- track faculty), Special Faculty (lecturers and post-doctoral fellows), Staff, and Students (undergraduate and graduate levels) in Spring 2022. Reports include comparison data for unit-level and campus-level responses. These summaries are based on census data – meaning, neither the campus responses nor the College of Engineering responses represent a scientifically sampled response. Therefore we cannot say to what extent these responses are truly representative. The central administration does have campus-level results from a scientifically sampled response, but those results are not included here and are not part of these summaries.

There were four populations defined for the U-M climate survey:

  • Students include those undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in degree-granting traditional or online programs
  • Faculty includes those who are tenured, and tenure-track, research-track, and clinical-track employees
  • Special Faculty includes those who are lecturers, postdocs, museum curators, house officers and other primary and supplementary faculty employed by the University
  • Staff includes those who are permanently employed at U-M. Staff of affiliated U-M units and temporary staff were not included in this survey

We cannot know the exact impact on responses of environmental factors, such as the ongoing COVID-19
pandemic or the political climate in the United States, and this is particularly the case when makin
comparisons to earlier climate survey results. Environmental factors, such as the ongoing COVID-19
pandemic and the political climate in the United States at the time of the survey (October 28, 2021 –
January 3, 2022) have impacts on the data that are difficult to measure. These nuances are important to
consider when comparing these climate survey results to results from previous years.