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Engineering OnRamp is hosting four 6 week DAPCEP Spring classes; Engineering and the World Around Us, Exploring Engineering, Glow Blue, and Magic & Mystery of Crystal Growth. Participants will be given hands-on tasks to explore the different engineering disciplines that are offered at the University of Michigan and explore the fundamentals of engineering and apply those principles to exciting challenges, like designing a paper boat to hold as much weight as possible.

EligibilityPriceProgram Dates
Current 7th-9th Grade Michigan Residents*$25*Saturday Mornings
February 19 – March 26 2022
*Scholarship Opportunities Available

SHPE – Exploring Engineering

Participants will engage in a simulated space mission to populate the moon. Each week, participants will learn about a different stage of a space mission, the engineering concepts behind each stage, and apply their knowledge through hands-on activities to complete a successful moon colonizing mission. The overall goal of the program is to expose students to the different fields of engineering and their benefits to the world around us.

GLOW Blue – Nuclear Engineering

Sponsored by the top-ranked Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Science, Glow Blue provides students an introduction to the basic physics and science that lay the foundation to nuclear engineering. Through virtually-based hands on activities and group discussions, the students will learn about the many facets of nuclear energy, the inner workings of a nuclear reactor, and how scientists use virtual reality and technology to understand radiation and its positive uses in the world around us.

MEGC – Engineering the World Around Us

Engineering the World Around Us participants will examine modern problems that mechanical
engineers face and the tools they use to tackle them. They will learn about engineering
fundamentals and apply those principles to exciting challenges, like designing a miniature boat to support as much weight as possible and programming a robotic car to navigate simulated roadways.

Magic and Mystery of Crystal Growth

Magic and Mystery of Crystal Growth participants will explore real-world applications of crystallization, from food science to advanced manufacturing. Through a series of hands-on experiments, they will learn the fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering and apply those principles to grow crystals of technological relevance.