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ScholarPOWER is a comprehensive portfolio of student support and development programs and services. The ScholarPOWER Initiatives are offered beginning in the summer months, before students start their career in Michigan Engineering, through graduation. CEDO partners with various internal and external stakeholders to provide programming which supports students’ academic, cultural, personal, and professional development.

Below are brief descriptions of the the ScholarPower programs and services:


Forums provide interactive academic, personal, and professional development activities and workshops that address a wide range of subjects with a direct bearing on academic achievement, such as finding the right internship; time management; and test preparation and study skills. Forums are facilitated by staff, faculty or corporate partners.

Corporate Master Class and Alumni Master Class

These master classes are facilitated by engineering professionals and provide the opportunity for students to interact with and learn from them. CEDO staff teams up with these professionals to plan the content of the master classes, such as how to become global leaders.

Corporate Mixer

The ScholarPOWER Corporate Mixer is held in conjunction with the Engineering Career Fair hosted by the Engineering Career Resource Center (ECRC) during the fall term. This event provides the opportunity for invited CEDO students to meet the members of CEDO’s corporate partners in a smaller setting to discuss potential internships and jobs after graduation.  

Tutoring Programs

CEDO partners with other student support services within the College so that students have the academic assistance needed to excel.

Academic Coaching

Students are assigned an academic advisor during their first semester. Students are also assigned an academic coach who works closely with the advisor to provide guidance and support at every level and ensure a successful academic journey.


Aside from the master classes and the corporate mixers, CEDO also provides students with a variety of ways to network and find mentorship opportunities with our partners or undergraduate and graduate student peer mentors . Mentoring is individualized and can occur in person or electronically on a short-term or long-term basis.

Pathways to Success Life Skills Course

This is a required bridge course offered during the summer to assist the students in making the transition from high school to college. Students learn a variety of life skills including the importance of money management/credit reports and friends versus study partners. 

Summer Academic Development Conference

This conference is offered to incoming students at the end of the summer before their first year. Sessions are designed to support the transition from high school to college and are facilitated by corporate partners, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Alumni Support

ScholarPOWER focuses on student development, learning, and celebrating academic achievement. It is part of a College-wide effort to improve retention rates among underserved and underrepresented students. 

The ScholarPOWER initiatives depend on the generosity of alumni donors. Support of the ScholarPOWER Program Fund allows for the continued growth and development of the student community through the ScholarPOWER programs.

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Activities by term:

Fall TermCorporate Master Class

ScholarPOWER Alumni Master Class

ScholarPOWER Forums

CEDO Corporate Mixer
Winter TermCorporate Master Class

ScholarPOWER Alumni Master Class

ScholarPOWER Forums
Spring/Summer TermsCorporate Master Class

ScholarPOWER Alumni Master Class

Michigan Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (M-STEM) Academy

ScholarPOWER Pathways to Success Life Skills Course

ScholarPOWER Summer Academic Development Conference